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Join Us in China This July

Have you felt that stirring inside?

To do something more with your life. To step outside of your comfort zone. To make even just a small difference. To touch someone else's life in a meaningful way.

If so, maybe you'd consider joining us this July in China. We will be packing our bags and crossing the sea to visit a local special needs orphanage, with significant need and we think that it would be the perfect opportunity for you to respond to the stirring of His Spirit within you.

Here's what our China Missions Trip Coordinator has to say about this trip; may you allow it to touch you and compel you forward in responding to God's call to visit and care for orphaned children!

“I had the privilege of visiting this orphanage last year and while there are children of various ages and levels of need, I noticed that there were several older boys who were just desperate for some intentional male attention. These boys were incredible sweet and deserve to be loved and cared for, something that is so rare in their lives. When I was there a year ago, we were able to take some of these children on various “field trips” and even out to a restaurant for lunch. This is something that is so ordinary for us, but for them, it was such a special treat! They never have such opportunities, but because we were there to offer additional help, we were able to really love them in a special and unique way! It was a very rare, but very impactful treat for these children!”

If you feel His Spirit prompting you to go and share His love in China, feel free to write us or sign up for the trip to Guangdong, China today!


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