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Join American Ninja Warrior, Danny, on a Mission Trip!


The message below is from one of America World's Mission Trip Leaders to Ethiopia this August. You may know Danny Manuel from American Ninja Warrior.  Danny wants you to join him this summer!

As an adopted child and an adopting parent, I have a strong passion for serving the little ones. Honoring God and sharing the Gospel is what really makes me tick though. The chance to spend a week in orphanages and transition homes loving children and their caregivers all in the name of Jesus excites me more than I can explain. I’m inviting other followers of Jesus to join me, this includes MEN!!  

It seems to me that aside from paid ministry, that women are doing most of the work when it comes to ministry. I don’t see this as God’s plan at all, and I’m challenging men to step up. I’m very, very happy to have ladies on this trip as well, and I’m even comfortable being the minority, I just know that men can do a better job of stepping up and stepping out of their comfort zone.

This trip is scheduled for August 21st-30th. The cost is about $3,000-3,400, but that can vary depending on airfare and such. Please ask me questions. I’m an open book. I’ll share my story about being adopted, our story about our adoption process, and my passion for what I do.

You can email me at , find me on Facebook as Danny Manuel (I’m the Danny Manuel standing in front of an American Ninja Warrior backdrop), or on Twitter as @DManLuvsJC. 

Thank you, please pray about this, and God bless

Danny Manuel


#BeAStoryteller for Children in Ethiopia! 


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