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Jillian: Urgent Need by Next Wednesday


Jillian's file needs to be returned to China on February 25th–next Wednesday. She is 5-1/2 years old, is in a foster family and attending kindergarten. She has repaired cleft lip, hepatitis B and estropia (right eye). She gets along well with others and is shy. She is learning some English words in school.

Jillian loves playing with her doll and other toys. She helps her foster mom with chores and her favorite snack is fruit.

Her file is designated by the CCCWA as LID only, so a family must have a dossier logged in at the CCCWA in order to review her referral.

Please share Jillian's information and pray that she will be matched with her family soon as her file must be returned to the CCCWA in a week.  

If you are considering adopting Jillian, please contact our China staff at 800-429-3369 or .


#BeAStoryteller for Jillian!


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