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China Waiting Child: Introducing, Jett

Jett is a smart little boy who is quick to learn new things and loves school. In September of 2016, he started to attend a social school in a kindergarten class with other children. With the guidance of the teachers, he has made great progress. In September of 2017, he transferred to the mid-class of kindergarten. He attends school every day and does well in his class. He cooperates well when the teachers teach him children songs or pictures.

Jett is able to hold a pen in his right hand and is learning to write. He is able to look through children picture books and is able to recognize colors and able to color simple pictures with different colors. He is able to grasp the knowledge that the teachers teach him quickly. He knows how to share with his classmates and children who share a room with him.

He has very good expression ability. He is able to describe clearly everything that happens both in the kindergarten and in the orphanage, and also expresses what he sees and hears as well as his thoughts. According to the staff at his orphanage, Jett cares about others and is a very polite and trustworthy boy. Everyone at his orphanage adores him.

His file has very detailed and wonderful developmental information recorded throughout the first few years of his life. He has great self-care and is able to dress, feed himself, drink with a straw, wash face and hands, and brush teeth.  He is able to participate in other normal age-appropriate daily activities.

Jett gets along well with other children. He is diligent and is able to help the caregivers or other children to do some simple things—such as helping the caregivers clean the dishes or holding the hands of children who are not good at walking. He likes to play games with children who share a room with him and loves to listen to music. He is closest to his caregiver and loves to play outdoors with his friends.

Jett is a sweet-mannered little boy who has been diagnosed with Hemophilia A.  He is an agency-specific file and is from one of America World’s orphanage partnerships. His file has been designated by the CCCWA as a special focus file. We also have a number of photos and some video to share with the family who reviews his file.

Please contact our China team to get more information about Jett, or to begin the application process to adopt Jett.  Email or call 800-429-3369.

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