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“I’ve Found Your Son. He Is Waiting For You.”

China STM Team crop
Our first Storyteller Missions team to China in 2015 provided the following update. Their update is a stark reminder of why our Storyteller Missions teams do what they do. Let it remind you daily to pray for the least of these…

So how was your day today? A little rough maybe? Traffic made you late? Kids fighting? Boss pile on more work? Spouse expect a little too much? I've been there, too. The phrase “I need a vacation” has crossed my lips many times. 

Today was a day I will always remember. It started with the sounds of traffic and the air smelled of old cigarette smoke and smog. “Gosh I'm tired.” I said out loud. After a quick breakfast and ride to our location, we were greeted warmly with tea and welcomed to the rooms where we would play with children until lunch. We marvel at the number of children we see, wondering what God has in store for each one, asking those typical mission trip “why” questions. We were permitted to feed the children lunch. I sat on the floor with three children to feed them. 

While we’ve been here, we have spent time playing outside with the older children. Sidewalk chalk, dancing, bubbles, soccer, beach balls… We did it all. The children were laughing and running around from activity to activity. It was great fun for everyone. Seeing kids shove chocolate in their mouths was priceless. 

STM Sidewalk Chalk
One specific moment will definitely stay with me. One of the boys spontaneously wrote the Chinese word for daddy so I drew a “boy.” He then wrote the word for mommy, so I drew a “girl.” It reminded me of why we are here and what is forever on the hearts of the children here. Children don't need stuff. Children need families.

After lunch we played until about 4:00, when the older kids arrived from school. The staff had asked that we meet a boy who can neither speak nor hear. “Can you help him find a family?” They asked, almost desperately. Of course we agreed to meet him. That's (in part) why we are here. You have to understand we've met several children now that are older and needing families before they age out. Three have Down syndrome. “Should we begin adoption paperwork on them?” they've asked. The weight of it can be crushing if I don't remember that these children belong to the Father and that He has proclaimed a plan for their lives. Find a home, Father, before it is too late, we've prayed. 

So they brought this boy to meet us. Smaller in stature and handsome, he began to answer question after question… until I asked the date of his birth. He shook his head. “I don't know” he signed. I tried to move quickly to the next question, but my thoughts stopped me. You don't know your birthday? Have you never celebrated that special day with cake and presents and singing? A few questions later I asked what he wanted to be when he grows up. He literally scratched his head. “I don't understand the meaning of that question.” He answered. ”You know, where do you want to work? What do you want to be doing?” I asked. 

Still nothing. Again I stopped. 

He had not dreamt about being Super Man, a police officer, a teacher, a basketball star… All those things boys say they will be when they get older.  

No birthday celebration. No dreaming of the future. 

I stood almost speechless. Then he told me how he grew up with a friend of his and his friend got a family. “He is sad now,” said the interpreter, a 17-year old girl who herself was never adopted. 

STM Orphaned Boy

It's what these kids want. 

They dream of families.

So, who is out there reading this that knows both Chinese and can communicate with a 13-year old boy who knows sign language, loves math, and can play video games?

Where are you mom and dad?

I've found your son. He is waiting for you. 

In the meantime I might stop thinking about what 'bug' I might return home with and I most definitely will think differently next time I *almost* say that I need a vacation. Please continue praying for families for these children. Each one is so very precious! #james127

– April Bordeau, Storyteller Missions Team member

Our Storyteller Missions teams will travel to China, Ethiopia, Haiti, Kenya, Uganda and India in 2015…over 20 trips total this year.  There are many expectations through each of these trips, but one of the major goals of each team to directly advocate for those children who are considered 'adoptable'. They get to know them, take video and photos of them and become Storytellers for each child they meet. If we don't go, who will tell their stories?

Join us on a Storyteller Missions trip in 2015.

Be A Storyteller.


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