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America World’s Winter

It is very cold here in Virginia – we haven’t had a week this cold in a very long time!  We’re also bracing ourselves for the inauguration this coming week – with hundreds of thousands of people coming into the DC area.
Our agency has seen the completion of another Rwandan adoption this week!  We’re very excited that another family has successfully completed this process. 
We are also going to begin using a new database in two weeks, which we are positive will add to our efficiency in working with families.  In light of this, America World's corporate office will be closed on one Monday in the coming weeks for a final staff training on this superior program.
We’ve been really blessed by the families sending in donations and nice notes to our agency in response to the mailing we sent out last week.  These donations go a long way to help provide for the development projects we have in various countries – especially to the ones that we have in Ethiopia.
My wife and I are celebrating 20 years of marriage this coming week – I’ll be out of the office next week as we celebrate this great milestone with a mini-vacation.
Finally, my congratulations to the many families that have received referrals this week – we’re looking forward to working with you on the final stage of your adoption journey!

— Brian Luwis, CEO


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