Is the Federal Adoption Tax Credit Important to You?

Is the Federal Adoption Tax Credit Important to You?

Most of our families are able to take advantage of the Federal Adoption Tax Credit and it is important to make sure Congress knows how important this is to all adoptive families.  The National Council for Adoption (NCFA) is working on a Thank You Campaign to remind our government how this helps individual families.  Below is a message to you from NCFA:


Hello America World Families,
The Adoption Tax Credit Working Group is doing a special campaign as we approach Tax Day. It is a Thank you campaign to remind Members of Congress how important and valuable the adoption tax credit is to families as they begin to discuss tax reform. 
NCFA would love it if you would share this opportunity to send a message with your networks! You can do this incredibly easily by sharing it from: 

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Or… Create your own message and link to the form to send a message to Congress here:
There will definitely be multiple opportunities and posts on this in the coming days. If you’re up to share it more than once, we’d appreciate that too! Also, stay tuned for other, new ways to share adoption stories and support the adoption tax credit coming soon!

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