Introducing “Moms on Mission”: It Doesn’t Have to Be All or Nothing

Does it sometimes feel like being a mother is your only 'assignment' in life?  America World's Director of Missions, Amanda Lawrence, shares the heart and purpose of “Moms on Mission” in the post below. Hear from Amanda on why it doesn't have to be all or nothing!


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It took 39 years. Finally in 2011, God blessed us with a baby boy. And that is when my world was rocked! I had been in full time ministry with the freedom to follow God all over the world and live out this undeniable passion for the unloved and forgotten and then my world came to a screeching, all encompassing loving halt in the form of a tiny amazing little newborn life. He needed my undivided and constant attention all day and night long. Everything about my personal world had to be redefined and readjusted. I felt that being a full time stay at home mom was God's new assignment for me.

And I know that it was for that year…however, there was a deep sadness that accompanied this also extremely joyous time in my life. It was lessened some when I had another baby boy in 2013. I felt so guilty for the sadness and had no idea exactly where it came from and why it would NOT go away. But I SO missed the mission field. How could this be? How can I miss ministering to the fatherless when I had this amazing all consuming love for these long awaited for children? And THEY needed me. My family needed me. 

However, I quickly realized that it didn't need to be all or nothing! It was BOTH. God did put both the love for my new son AND missions to orphans in my heart at the SAME time! Doing missions while being a mom wasn't contending with each separate purpose on my life. They were meant to be TOGETHER for the purpose on my life and I believe God wants to tell you the same thing!

Daily now I walk out this delicate balance of being a mom to my two boys at home, while sending out others to minister to orphans and atleast annually I venture back out onto the mission field. Is it hard for me to commit and leave my family for 7 to 10 days as I serve elsewhere on the planet? Oh yes, it is. It can be hard to have your heart divided. Love for your family and love for those you are yet to meet. However, how can we deny those that daily get up and in some countries and do not get to see the sun or smell the earth or feel the warm sun or even cold rain on their faces?! Here, we complain if we have to take our children out in the rain, (OR at least I do. :)) yet because I have traveled and seen those faces I quickly hear the Lord say to me…”Remember those faces…” and like yesterday, I throw it all away and suit up my boys in their best rain gear and encourage them to play in the rain! ” As you can see, it's also not just about the forgotten, but also about YOUR heart and your perspective as you walk out mommy hood on the home front. It's the BEST therapy you can BUY or search for. 

That longing and sadness and compassion you are feeling…which trickles out of you when you get still and alone (which I know is rare as a mommy) or at the strangest times truly IS God calling you into ministering to the motherless and fatherless of this world. And yes, AT THE SAME TIME that you are also being a mom at home. Maybe the answer to these nagging questions and longings which you don't understand in your life can be answered by simply getting out of your own world and into the world of another precious little life. Maybe, just maybe, you will find God there and along with Him, a little much needed perspective. :) 

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 - Amanda Lawrence
Director of Storyteller Missions
America World Adoption


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