Introducing 10-Month Old, Petey!

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10-month old Petey is a lovely baby who was diagnosed with congenital blindness. Because of this, he has excellent hearing and is able to communicate with caregivers when they talk to him. He babbles back, and he walks to his caregiver in the baby walker when his name is called.

By the age of 6-months, he was able to hold his head up while laying on his stomach, and can roll over alone. He eats well and is developing well physically, although he has some delayed growth and abnormal liver functioning.

He is outgoing and likes being outdoors and listening to music. He laughs and has an active personality.

Petey's file is from one of our orphanage partnerships and is designated as Special Focus so a family at any stage of the adoption process is eligible to review his file.

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Current America World families who are interested in adopting Petey into their family should contact their Family Coordinator about him.

Families not currently in the process of adopting with America World should fill out a quick & simple free PRE-APPLICATION and our Intake staff will follow up with you right away.

Any questions about Petey or any Waiting Child can be directed to our China staff at or 800-429-2269.




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