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Intake: We are here to answer your questions about adoption!

In the world of social media, remote work and even more remote customer service we at America World hope to connect with you in a way that communicates deep care and personal service. An adoption process is a profoundly personal experience and our staff is committed to walking through that process with you from start to finish. Today, we would like to introduce you to Judy, one of the first voices you will “meet” as you begin to explore options to grow or start your family.

We asked Judy a few questions!

What is your most fulfilling/favorite story from your time with AW? 

Having a family pray for me.  I usually pray for families, but to have a family ask if they could pray for me was totally unexpected, but meant so much to me.

What is your “why” for continuing to serve at AW?

I love to help families who are willing to step out of their comfort zone for someone else in need.

How is AW different from other places you have worked?

Being able to openly pray with families and hearing their God stories.

What do you believe is the most important part of our mission?

Following the Lord’s leading and fulfilling his mission to care for orphaned children whether through adoption or other forms of our support.

Why do you personally think adoption is needed?

We all need a family and it is important to show children the greatest Father they can have.  Being able to place children in Christian homes can give them a legacy they might not ever receive elsewhere.

What do you hope to see accomplished through AW in the future?

Continuing to build our adoption country platform and match children with their God ordained families as well as continue to help orphaned children in their own country.



If you would like to learn more about adoption programs offered by America World or would simply like to ask a few questions about the best fit for your family reach out to Judy at

We look forward to walking with you.


Click here to access an intake interview with Judy.



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