Inside America World: Thoughts from Kelcey Engling

Ocassionally, our staff takes time out of their busy days to share their thoughts.  This is from China Family Coordinator, Kelcey Engling:

Kelcey Photos
“I like to keep a photo of each child that has been matched with a family on a bulletin board at my desk. Each time a family accepts a referral and I get to print out a new photo to post on my board, it brings tears of joy to my eyes. I am so incredibly thankful that God allows me to play a small part in His work of bringing orphaned children a loving family to care for them and show them how valuable they are.

The abundant amount of paperwork and logistics involved in adoption can be tiring and challenging at times, however, when I get to look at my board of precious faces who have a family coming for them soon, it makes every signature signed, every piece of paper processed, every email sent, and every prayer sent up, all more than worth it.

He does more than we can ask or imagine and I am honored to witness that daily with the families I work with.”

As you can tell, our staff is very passionate about adoption and serving our amazing families. America World families, you are loved!


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