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children with blindness

Indian Waiting Child: “Israel” Needs a Family

Israel” is a 5 ½-year-old boy with a round face, big brown eyes, and black straight hair. The staff at his orphanage describes him as a happy and very well behaved boy who loves to play outdoor games with the other children and dance.

Israel” was born with one blind eye but is otherwise healthy and developing normally according to his age. Did you know that individuals with blindness in one eye can legally drive?

There are many “older” children, especially boys from India with minor special needs who are waiting to be adopted. Please pray with us for “Israel” and all of these boys who deserve the love, security, and support that can only come from a family. Please share his story.

To learn more about international adoption from India, please join our free “Adopting from India” webinar on Wednesday, June 20, 2018, from 3:00 – 3:30 PM EST. Register online.

This is a shared referral. For more information on “Israel” or to learn more about an Indian waiting child, please contact


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