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India Waiting Child: “Whitney”

Whitney” is a beautiful girl who is HIV positive, who is three and a half years old. She has big brown eyes and short brown hair.

Whitney” is able to vocalize with her caregiver and can use single words to communicate needs. She smiles when she is around her caregiver and actively seeks her caregiver’s attention. She is a happy girl who loves interacting and playing with other children.

Did you know that HIV is spread through sexual contact, birth, breast milk, and blood to blood contact (such as sharing needles)? Children who are HIV+ can share food, drink, bathtubs, swimming pools, towels, beds, toys, and all other household items with their family members and friends. HIV is not transmitted through urine, stool, snot, tears or sweat. While it is recommended and wise to handle the blood of an HIV+ child with care, it is also helpful to know that the risk of transmitting HIV through a bloody nose or skinned knee is very minimal. This is especially true for a child that is on HIV medications, because the medications can reduce the amount of HIV in a person’s systems to the point that the HIV is considered “undetectable”, meaning there is only a very tiny amount of virus in the person’s system.

There are so many children like “Whitney” who are healthy and ready to be adopted, but HIV keeps many families from considering them for adoption. Please visit out HIV adoption page for more resources and to learn more about adopting a child with HIV.

This is a shared referral. “Whitney” is in need of a forever family. For more information on “Whitney” or other waiting children like her, please contact

If you would like to learn more about the process of adopting “Whitney” or other waiting children from India, please sign up for our free international webinar, “Adopting from India” on May 16th from 3:00-3:30 PM EST.

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