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India Waiting Child: “Tenley” Needs a Forever Family

India“Tenley†is a sweet 6-month old baby girl who has mild hearing impairment in one ear and is HIV positive.

With proper medical care and medication, HIV is a manageable medical need and children have a normal life-expectancy. In a typical household environment there are minimal precautions that need to be taken, as HIV is not spread through the daily bumps, bruises and scrapes all children experience. America World has many resources for families that would like to learn more about HIV positive adoption, as well as references so that you may speak with other parents that have completed an adoption and are familiar with this medical need.

Please pray with us for little “Tenley†and join with us in advocating for all the waiting children in India who are not defined by their HIV positive status.

This is a shared referral. For more information on “Tenley†or other waiting children in India, please contact


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