India Waiting Child: “Savannah”

India Chop small

“Savannah” is estimated to be 10 years old and is still waiting for a forever family of her own. “Savannah” is a healthy child. Would you read and share in hopes that she is able to come home to a family soon?

“Savannah” is a quiet and smiley girl with big dimples. She is described by her caregivers as helpful, caring and loving. It is common to see “Savannah” carrying the babies in her orphanage on her hip, doting on the younger children or joining them in a board game. She is very interested in fashion and loves to change her outfits and hairstyles. In school, her favorite subject is essay writing. She also enjoys dancing and has a sweet tooth!

America World staff have met “Savannah” personally and would be happy to talk with any interested family. Please email to learn more!


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