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India Waiting Child Adoption: “Sampson”

Meet Sampson, an adorable little 19-month-old boy! The orphanage staff notes and we agree—he is a good looking child! He has an oval shaped face, fair complexion, and black hair.

Sampson had a rough start to life, being hospitalized at birth for neonatal meningitis. He was on medication for several weeks and then stayed in the hospital for the first 8 months of his life before coming to the orphanage. Sampson now has left-sided hemiparesis and hypertonia due to meningitis but is making much improvement with physical therapy.

An MRI of Sampson’s brain at 9 months revealed some abnormalities, however, it is noted that his cognitive development is normal. The MRI results would be provided to any family reviewing Sampson’s referral in order to consult with a medical professional regarding the findings.

Lastly, it is noted that he has mild strabismus of his left eye as well as a scar on his left ear from a skin tag that fell off.

We have received a very recent video of Sampson that shows a little bit of his personality as well as some of the things he is currently working on with his physical therapist. He is gaining strength on his left side and his hypertonia is now described as mild. The video shows him taking some steps with assistance and standing briefly without support.

This little guy is clearly liked by the orphanage staff. They say that he is very friendly and social in nature. He has a good relationship with the staff and is friendly to strangers. He enjoys playing with other children and is described as active, happy and content. He enjoys close contact with others and is able to express his emotions, crying when he is uneasy about something and laughing when he is happy.

As Sampson approaches his 2nd birthday, wouldn’t it be amazing if he had a family pursuing his adoption?

Please join us in praying to that end and advocating for Sampson. If you are interested in learning more about him, please reach out to your Family Coordinator or contact our India program at

* Please keep in mind that all India referrals are part of a shared system.

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