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India Waiting Child: Meet “Rachel”

Rachel is a lovely little girl who will celebrate her 7th birthday in about 2 weeks! She has cleft lip and palate and appears from her photo to have received surgery though there are no details in the medical information.

She is also missing her right hand and lower part of her arm. Her left hand is described as having “club hand of 4 fingers”. Rachel also has a club foot (CTEV) on her right side.

Though her paperwork is several years old, Rachel sounds like a remarkable little girl! At the time her paperwork was completed, she was able to use her hand to stack objects and draw pictures. She was also able to walk by 2 years of age and was speaking in sentences by the time she was 3 years old. Rachel was also able to read simple words at the time of the report.

She is said to be able to communicate normally and express a range of emotions from anger to joy and serious to happy. The staff at the orphanage noted that she can be difficult to comfort at times.

Socially, Rachel enjoys playing games with and playing alongside other children. She has a positive level of activity. She smiles when in the company of her caregivers.

As you can see, Rachel is an incredible little girl, overcoming so many physical obstacles in her life. We are praying that she would have a forever family before another birthday goes by!

Please pray that God would provide a family for Rachel that can only continue to help her grow and flourish.

If you are interested in learning more about Rachel, please reach out to your Family Coordinator or email

*Please keep in mind that all India referrals are part of a shared referral system.

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