India Waiting Child: “Rachael”

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America World would like to make you aware of a specific waiting child in our India program.

“Rachael†is a lovely 10-year old girl with long brown braids and mild cerebral palsy, specifically involving left hand and leg.

She is descried as sweet, soft spoken, shy, and reserved.  Her vocabulary and confidence is increasing daily but she is still a hesitant speaker and is described to be delayed. She would benefit greatly from speech therapy but is currently  physical therapy six days a week.

She loves dolls, music, coloring and playing with her friends. 

November is orphan awareness month and we celebrated “Orphan Sunday†this past week. Please take this month to partner with us as we spread the need for families to love and care for older orphans. Please take some time to pray that the Lord would bless many children like “Rachael†with loving  families. 

Please note that this is a shared referral. For more information on “Rachael†or other waiting children in India, please contact


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