India Waiting Child: “Peter” Needs a Forever Family

India“Peter†is a precious 4-month old baby boy who was born with Jejunal Atresia, a malformation of the second part of the intestine. This rare disorder causes a partial absence of the fold of the stomach membrane that connects the small intestine to the back wall of the abdomen. As a result, one of the three portions of the jejunal twists around one of the arteries of the colon and causes a blockage (atresia). Symptoms in individuals with this disorder include vomiting, a swollen abdomen, and constipation.

Born underweight, “Peter†has already received abdominal surgery and has been hospitalized several other times for infections. Although he is now out of the hospital, he still has recurrent diarrhea and receives antibiotics and probiotics.

Despite his illness, he is described as a happy child who only cries when he is hungry, sleepy or wet. Eyes follow toys and make contact with people when they talk.

“Peter†is in desperate need for a family who can provide him with love and medical care. Please pray for baby “Peter†and other children who are waiting for homes.
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