India Waiting Child: “Lena” Needs a Family

India“Lena†is a 4-year old beautiful girl with large brown eyes and short brown hair. She has been diagnosed with HIV. She’s described as happy, active, enjoys being with other children and is developing normally.

The India America World team often shares prayer requests about children with HIV like “Lena†because we see so many precious orphans living with HIV who are waiting for parents. According to UNICEF, nearly 37 million people worldwide are living with HIV, 1.2 million of which are children ages 0-9. We also know that with the proper medications, children with HIV can live long and fulfilling lives.

Please pray with us that many adoptive families will come forward to adopt children with HIV like “Lenaâ€

This is a shared referral. For more information on “Lena†or other waiting children in India, please contact


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