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India Waiting Child: “Jay” Needs a Forever Family

India“Jay†is a smiley 7-month old boy with black eyes and brown skin. He was born with malformed arms, one ending right after the shoulder and one above the elbow.

He is described by his caretaker as a pleasant child who loves to be talked to and reciprocates love shown him. He can roll over from back to front and babbles. His caregivers say he grins at new people and makes instant friends. Given the extent of his malformation, “Jay†will need rehabilitation and special services due to missing most of both arms. He does not have any other health issues noted in his file.

Please pray with us for little “Jayâ€. Please pray that he may be soon joined with a forever family that will provide the love and medical care he needs to thrive.

This is a shared referral. For more information on “Jay†or other waiting children in India, please contact


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