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India Waiting Child:  “Genevieve” Needs a Family

India Waiting Child: “Genevieve” Needs a Family

“Genevieve” is a 7-year-old girl in India, described as being active and obedient, and she plays well with everyone. She was born with limb differences in both legs as well as her right hand.  

There are many older children available for adoption from India with minor and more severe special needs.  Please pray with us for a family for “Genevieve”.

This is a shared referral. For more information on “Genevieve” or other waiting children in India, please contact

If you would like to learn more about the process of adopting “Genevieve” or other waiting children from India, please signup for our free informational webinar, “Adopting from India” on Tuesday, September 19th from 3:00-3:30 EST.

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