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India Waiting Child: “Charlotte”

Advocating for orphans is both a wonderful privilege and an incredible challenge. Looking at the faces and reading the information of all the waiting children can be overwhelming and heartbreaking. Often it is even difficult to advocate for the children because of limited, outdated and/or illegible information. Even so, it is our joy to learn about these children and seek to find families for them. We continually bring them before the Father whose heart is so clearly for the fatherless.

Today, we want to advocate for Charlotte, a precious little 2½-year-old girl who has Down syndrome.

While there is not much information in her file, she is stated to be in physically good health. She has a good attitude towards other children and reacts normally towards adults.

Though we don’t currently have many details about Charlotte, we know that her Creator knows every detail about her. He formed her and knit her together. She is fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139). Because she is His creation, we advocate for her and long for her to experience the love and care of a forever family.

To the majority of the world, she is nameless and faceless. But Charlotte, we see you! And your Creator sees you!

Please pray for Charlotte and the hundreds of other children like her. If you would like to learn more about this little girl, please contact your Family Coordinator or email

* Please keep in mind that all India referrals are part of a shared system.

Adoption in India

Families considering adoption in India can find a great deal of information about the adoption process on our India Adoption pages. America World is grateful for the continued relationship with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) in India and has seen families returning home regularly through this adoption program.

Details about India adoption costs, India adoption requirements, financing adoption with grants and fundraising, and the children available for adoption in India can be found on the America World website.

Begin the India adoption process by submitting your Application to our Intake department. If you have any concerns about India adoption requirements, you can submit a free India adoption Pre-Application to verify your family qualifies to adopt from India.

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