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India Waiting Child: Baby “Alivia” Needs a Family

IndiaToday, we’re advocating for “Aliviaâ€, a 1-year old girl born with bilateral visual impairment. Though she’s blind, she responds to sound and affection. She is friendly, calm, can sit unassisted, and is even starting to crawl. She is in a great orphanage which is providing her with special therapy to help her catch up with her peers despite her limited vision, but what she she really needs is the help, love and attention that can only come from a forever family.

India staff have met “Alivia†and would be happy to answer any questions. Please pray with us that a family will soon come forward to adopt this sweet and curious baby girl.

This is a shared referral. For more information on “Alivia†or other waiting children in India, please contact

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