India Waiting Child: “Aiden” Needs to be Part of a Forever Family 9-8-16

India“Aiden†is a 2-year old toddler. He has albinism which involves light sensitivity for skin and eyes. Albinism is often associated with vision challenges. There are many resources available in the U.S. to manage potential obstacles associated with albinism. “Aiden†likes to sing and is friendly toward other children.

America World has walked with multiple families on their journey to adopt a child with albinism, and would be happy to provide you with references you could speak with to learn more about parenting a child with this manageable medical need.

Please join us in praying for “Aiden†who is waiting for a family who will raise “Aiden†to live a self-sufficient and successful life.

For more information on “Aiden†or other waiting children in India, please contact


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