India Waiting Baby:  7-month-old “Robby” Needs a Family

India Waiting Baby: 7-month-old “Robby” Needs a Family

Precious baby “Robby” is a cute 7 month old baby boy with chubby cheeks and curly dark hair. He’s described as a smiley and playful boy. He has had bacterial meningitis for which he has received treatment as well as a Pineal cyst, which is a usually benign (non-malignant) cyst in the pineal gland, a small endocrine gland in the brain.

Baby “Robby” will need monitoring for growth and development to make sure that the meningitis doesn’t reoccur and to monitor the cyst in his brain. Smaller cysts are usually asymptomatic but larger ones can cause a variety of symptoms. Robby’s caretakers have noted recently that he is doing very well developmentally. 

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