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October 4, 2013

India adoptionWe are privileged to serve families who are called to adopt from the India program. Since the program registration re-opened in March 2013, we have registered over 10 new families on the CARINGS system, the adoption database that agencies, orphanages and CARA access for adoption processes.

Over 20 of our India program families reviewed or accepted referrals from June-September. These referrals were for boys and girls, ages 1 year- 13 years. There were a few sibling sets for older children and children of all ages with medical needs such as heart conditions, vision impairments, developmental delays, conditions requiring surgery, HIV, club foot, and other medical and blood conditions. We continue to match families with referrals from the CARINGS database as we see new referrals each month. Some families were assigned orphanage partners as they registered with CARINGS prior to November 2013, and some of those families have received referral opportunities as well from those orphanages. We're currently working with over 15 different orphanages in states all across India. Each month as orphaned children are registered for international adoption on CARINGS, it is possible for our agency to develop new relationships and partnerships with different orphanages or Recognized Indian Placement Agencies (RIPAS) who are orphanages licensed to complete international adoptions.

Currently we are assisting over 10 families as they prepare for travel. They will spend about two weeks in India for their adoption process. One part is in Delhi and one part of the trip will be to travel to the orphanage to meet their child. Families are preparing to travel to various regions of India such as Chennai, Nagpur, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Kerala and Mumbai. We are honored to work with staff, both in India and the United States, who have been personally and professionally committed to advocating for orphans and involved in the India adoption processes for over 20 years.  

This program is open to families who will adopt a child with a medical need or a healthy older child. Our India program staff is committed to assisting families with their research, training and general preparations to welcome these children into their homes. We have a number of recommended training and support resources, and many of our program and social services staff have been trained in Trust Based Relational Intervention Training. If you are interested in learning more about India adoption, please call us at 800-429-3369, review our India webpage, or complete a free pre-application.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for all the orphans in India, the orphanage caregivers and the government and committee staff who are involved in the adoption process.

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