India Program Updates

Indiachop2Congratulations to the two families who reviewed and accepted referrals, and to the families who received either the NOC or court approval in January! There are several families still reviewing referrals and we are working with several orphanages to confirm if additional children seen on CARINGS this month are available for adoption. Several families are working with our travel department and preparing to travel in the coming months. Additionally, we have many families who accepted referrals and are waiting on the ARC approval in states all over India. We are honored to partner with over 20 different orphanages all around India to unite children with their forever families.

CARA, the central adoption authority in India, has opened their adoption registration to parents who are Non-Resident Indians (have NRI status) and who are requesting a healthy child. The registration is limited to 50 applicants from all over the world each month for these applications. All other prospective or current clients will continue to register for a healthy older child or a child of any age with special needs.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for all the orphans in India, the orphanage caregivers, and the government and committee staff who are involved in the adoption process.


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