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India Program Updates

Saroja and Mommy

Welcome home to the three families who traveled to India in June to bring home their children!

India Program Director Lisa Adams-Reese accompanied the families and participated in several meetings. Lisa said about her trip, “It was rewarding and really special seeing children united with their forever families. One of the boys that was adopted kept telling me 'I am very happy' after spending time with his parents. I was overjoyed that he was finally with his forever family. The meetings with CARA officials and orphanages went well and I was able to visit several orphanages and pray over children who need families.”

Mona meeting his parents

Vedica 2

We are looking for families who are open to boys or girls of any age with special medical needs, and sibling sets including older children or children with medical needs. Check out the India Program website for further details. We'd also like to congratulation several families who accepted a referral in June!

Lisa in the slums

There will be an India mission trip in October and we're currently recruiting team members. Lisa (pictured above) visited with the ministry partner who will help plan visits to serve children and families in some slums in the Delhi area- this is sure to be an impactful trip!

If you're interested in adopting from India, we're holding a webinar this Thursday at 2 PM EDT. Register here.


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