India Program Updates

Indiachop2CARA, the central authority of India adoptions, has updated the database so that agencies can see referrals for more waiting children. The CARINGS database shows agencies referrals that they can try to match with their families. The database shows children who are already in the adoption process and children who are waiting for families. AWAA has spent many hours calling and emailing orphanages to gather more information about some of the waiting children. Last week, there were children from 55 different orphanages located in regions all across India. In addition to the 20 different orphanages we are currently working on behalf of our clients, we contacted over 10 new orphanages last week. It can take several weeks to receive information from orphanages.

We give thanks to God for these orphanages and their staff who work tirelessly on behalf of the children. We also appreciate the work CARA has put into improving the database to help more waiting children find families quickly. The India program is in need of more families who are open to children with medical needs and children above age 5 years of age. Children on the CARINGS database can be ages 9 months-14 years old with varying medical needs. If you have any questions about adopting from India, contact us at 800-429-3369 or Please join us in prayer that more waiting children in India will be placed into their forever families. 


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