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India Waiting Child: “Lucas”

Lucas is an adorable little boy who just turned 6 years old! His deep brown eyes melt your heart!

Lucas was born with an anorectal malformation (imperforate anus) with hypospadias and bilateral ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UPJ). All stages of the operation for the imperforate anus have been completed and Lucas is able to pass stool with some incontinence (It is noted that he needs to be in diapers). He has also received corrective surgery for hypospadias and left UPJ.

At the time his report was completed, he had not yet received surgery for the right side. Though Lucas’s information is a couple of years old, there is detailed information on each of his surgeries. He is otherwise in good health and eats and sleeps well.

Also at the time of the report, it was noted that Lucas had speech delays. Because of this, he was enrolled in speech therapy which has been very helpful. He is doing well in all other areas and is noted to be developing quite normally when compared to other children his age.

Lucas is described as slightly introverted but also active, enjoying play time with his peers. Apparently, he is quite the entertainer! He likes to act, be silly and make jokes with his friends.

The orphanage staff says that he has a good, caring attitude for others in the home. He is a happy child and is friendly to others. It is noted that he is provided with the utmost care, love, attention, and support by his caretakers. It sounds like Lucas is well loved and taken care of!

Join us in praying that God would provide Lucas a forever family to continue to help him grow and learn and be silly with!

If you are interested in learning more about Lucas, your Family Coordinator would be more than happy to provide you with information.

If you do not yet have a Family Coordinator with America World but are interested in Lucas, please email our India team at

* Please keep in mind that all India referrals are part of a shared referral system.

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