India Child Advocacy:  Waiting Baby “Sienna”

India Child Advocacy: Waiting Baby “Sienna”

“Sienna” is a 10-month-old baby girl with dark curly hair and large beautiful expressive eyes. This extroverted baby loves being in groups and observing other children. She’s always smiling and coos in response to everyone who talks to her. She is crawling but is not yet able to stand without support. She has some tightness in her lower limbs and upper left limb which is suggestive of mild cerebral palsy.

Did you know that many children with mild cerebral palsy are affected by physical limitations, but their intelligence is not affected at all? There are many precious children like “Sienna” with mild cerebral palsy who are waiting for families to bring them home. Please pray with us that sweet baby “Sienna” soon will be blessed with the loving home she deserves. 

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If you would like to learn more about the process of adopting “Sienna” or other waiting children from India, please signup for our free informational webinar, “Adopting from India” on Tuesday, August 22nd from 3:00-3:30 EST.

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