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India Waiting Child: Advocate for “Priscila”

Priscila is a lovely 7-year-old girl who is active, loves to dance and enjoys drawing!

She is being treated for a genetic skin condition called Erythroderma (diagnosed as Ichthyosis in one report). In the medical note from the doctor, it is stated that this condition is not contagious and that she should be placed for adoption!

She has also suffered from Tuberculosis (TB) and had surgery in 2016 and 2018 to remove TB lesions. The doctor has certified that Priscila does not have active TB and there is no need for treatment.

Priscila’s cognitive development is stated to be normal and she is an incredibly friendly child! She is described as pleasant, active and enthusiastic. She is friendly towards strangers and feels comfortable with her caregivers expressing a range of emotions from tears to laughter. She communicates her feelings to her caregivers and seeks their comfort.

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Priscila is said to have good grasping abilities and likes to draw. She can draw people and animals with distinct features.

We have updated photos and a video of Priscila that are available for any family (who is CARA approved) wishing to review her file. She is in a beautiful Indian dress and is playing and dancing joyfully with her friends! Her personality really shines through. Though you can’t see it in the photo above, she has the biggest smile on her face!

We are so hopeful that the Lord will provide a family for this sweet girl! Maybe your family is being called to India adoption?

Please contact your Family Coordinator or our India team at if you are interested in learning more about Priscila or adopting a child in India.

Also, please join us in spreading the word about Priscila and praying for her!

*Please keep in mind that all India referrals are part of a shared system. 

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