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India Adoption: Introducing 9-Month-Old, “Amber”

 “Amber “is a beautiful 9-month-old baby girl with big brown eyes and brown hair. She was diagnosed with developmental delays and Dyskinetic Quadriparetic Cerebral Palsy. The pediatric neurologist has assessed “Amber” and says she will improve with interventions and physiotherapy.

“Amber” turns her head and responds well to sound. She is a happy little girl who is always smiling and laughs a lot. She is cooperative and communicates with caregivers by eye movements or outstretched hands to carry her. “Amber” enjoys interacting with other children and smiles as they are around. She is able to grasp holding a rattle.  She is able to vocalize well with the caregivers and is crawling well.

Please join us in praying for Amber. “Amber” can benefit from the consistency of a forever family. 

This is a shared referral for more information on “Amber” or to learn more about India adoptions, please contact

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