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india waiting child

India Adoption – Advocating for Lucy

India Waiting Child:  Lucy 

Lucy is an exceptionally adorable little girl who just celebrated her 3rd birthday! Joy exudes from her face with her dark, happy eyes and a big smile. She is wearing a white headband and flowery top that just seem to fit her personality. Even those completing her medical information comment multiple times on how adorable Lucy is!

Lucy has been diagnosed with Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida. Consequently, her first months of life were challenging as she was in and out of the hospital for shunt placement and complications from surgery. Her medical information notes that VP shunt has been placed and EVT (endoscopic third ventriculostomy) was completed in July of 2018. She also experienced one seizure at 6 months of age but has had none since that time. Lucy also has a mild form of bilateral clubfoot. She has made great progress with serial casting and braces and does not appear to need surgery.

Lucy has diminished feeling below her knees but is making an improvement with physical therapy where she is working on standing independently, walking with a walker and building her core strength. She is able to pull to a stand and go up and down stairs by crawling and scooting. It is possible that she has made even more progress since her medical information was submitted almost a year ago.

She has a great attitude toward other children and it is noted that she has good play skills and gets along well with her peers. She is also described as having positive interactions with adults, being appropriate with strangers and forming bonds with her caregivers.

There are currently no concerns about her intelligence as she is attending an on-site preschool where she learns English. She is working on her colors, numbers and enjoys singing and learning nursery rhymes. It is noted multiple times that she loves to laugh! She shows her emotions freely and is described as a happy child!

Please pray for this sweet little joy-filled girl! This is a shared referral. If you would like to learn more about Lucy, please contact


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