India Adoption Advocacy Update

India Adoption Advocacy Update

For the past several years, we have regularly advocated for Indian children currently registered and those waiting to be adopted. We’ve told their stories and for some, we have known their strong desire to be adopted. 

We’ve recently welcomed home several families that have adopted India waiting children we’ve advocated for, including the Zoller Family, the Plummer Family, the Copeland family, the Welliver family, and the Behary family

Other India waiting children we have advocated for who are now matched with families include sisters “Sadie, Kaitlin and Naomi”,  “Kevin”, “Meena”, “Bradley”, “Robert”,  “Brian”, “Annie” and “Asher”.

We want to thank you for reading our blogs, for each prayer you’ve lifted for these children, and for all the times you’ve shared these children’s specific stories.  Your support is so important!

But there are still many precious India children that are still waiting for forever families. Please continue specifically keeping “Violet”, “Isaiah”, “Tony”, and “Abigail” in your prayers, and if you have a free moment, please share their stories again. 

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