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Inauguration Day

Most people are very familiar, by now, with the fact that Washington, DC, northern Virginia, and Maryland are going to be a little intense over the next few days – particularly on Tuesday, of course.  The Virginia State Police has recommended that employers, whenever possible, allow their staff to telecommute in order to avoid traveling on the roadways.  Certain roads are going to be completely closed to regular traffic, which will place a greater burden on other main arteries throughout the area.  Because we’re located just seven or eight miles from the capital, America World is permitting all corporate staff to work from home on Tuesday, January 20th.

In light of this, America World's corporate staff will be working normal hours; however, will not be accessible via phones.  If you need to speak to someone at America World, the easiest and quickest way to reach him or her on Tuesday, the 20th, will be via email.  As usual, callers may choose the option to leave a message in the general voice mailbox or in a particular staff member’s voice mailbox if they know thier party's extension.


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