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“In Process” in El Salvador

Dear Families,

Many of you were introduced to Luis on a recent Christmas Card from Orphan’s Ticket Home or you may have read about him on our Orphan’s Ticket Home website:

Luis is an 11 year old orphaned boy in El Salvador that we met on a recent trip to San Salvador.  We heard from the orphanage director that he had been praying and asking for a family for years, and so we began doing some investigation and research. We found out that he was available for adoption, but nothing was being done to find him a family.  With permission from OPA we asked our waiting families here who were interested in older boys and found one that is interested in not only Luis, but also another older boy in the same orphanage! Since this family was not yet approved by the “Reunion Conjunta†there is a delay in their being able to be presented by OPA to the Committee that matches a child with a family.  The Committee hasn’t met regularly but we have seen more families being reviewed and approved over the past few months.  The Director of OPA has told us that she will give priority to the review of families interested in adopting some of the older children. Once the family has been approved they can be presented to the Committee for  approval of the match of the family and Luis. So, it’s a long process, but we are very hopeful! 

So, yes, Luis is in the “process†of being adopted, but no, he is not referred yet. It was the effort of our Orphan’s Ticket Home initiative there in El Salvador that has made the progress thus far possible.  Please join us in prayer about Luis’ future!  We would love to see him come home finally.

Brian Luwis, CEO


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