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Important Update on Adoption Tax Credit

Important Update on Adoption Tax Credit

Adoption Tax Credit From the National Council for Adoption (NCFA):

As many of you know, the Adoption Tax Credit (ATC) is vulnerable and may be eliminated as part of tax reform – and we need the help of the entire adoption community to save it.

Now is the time for anyone touched by adoption to tell their story and let their legislators know what the Adoption Tax Credit has meant for them and their families. Real voice matters – legislators will only #SaveTheATC if they understand the real-world impact of the ATC and feel that their constituents support it.

We ask that you visit to share their story directly with their Members of Congress. We are asking Congress to protect the tax credit in any tax reform proposal and to support legislation that makes the tax credit refundable (S. 937 in the Senate, H.R. 2476 in the House).

Want to go the extra mile? Use social media to publically tell Members of Congress why they should #SaveTheATC. Go to the Congressional Tweet Sheet to contact your Member of Congress. You can also share posts straight from the Save the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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National Council for Adoption (NCFA)

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