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Important Update from China Program


The CCCWA has announced on their internal database that they have now matched families in the traditional/healthy program who were logged in through December 30, 2006. As we did not have any families logged in on these dates, we did not receive any matches. Our next group of families have a Log in Date (LID) of January 5, 2007.  We will continue to update our blog as soon as additional information becomes available from the CCCWA.

As a reminder and based on a new policy change this year by the Center, the CCCWA is no longer matching one full log in date at a time. They have changed their process and are now matching children as they become available and registered for a healthy adoption. The CCCWA has explained they do not want any of their Traditional/Healthy Program children to have to wait to be matched; therefore, they will be matched as soon as the child's files arrives in their office. Families who are open to older children or a boy match may be matched more quickly than families who are open to a young girl only. 

Please remember that you must have an updated immigration form and home study on file.

As a reminder, all families in the traditional/healthy program should have previously received this policy change notice by email. Please contact us if you did not receive this information and we can discuss your options or assist you in making any changes regarding being matched with a healthy child. 

Switching to Waiting Children Program

We are currently looking for families who are open to boys and girls of all ages with minor to moderate medical needs and who already have a log in date in China. Families interested in learning more about this opportunity should contact our China program staff. A family does need to have a current home study and USCIS form to be eligible to be matched in the waiting children program, or be in the process to obtain these items in order to switch to the waiting children program. We can discuss this case by case with families. 

Families may switch programs and join our China Waiting Children Program where they can be matched with a waiting child by our agency staff. (Families will fill out their child requests/preferences and have them approved by their social worker) Most families are matched with children from our orphanage partnerships throughout China. This program has a wide spectrum of available children, infant to age 13, and there is currently little to no wait time to be matched with a boy, or with a girl who has needs seen often in the program as we continue to see a large number of files arriving each month and are currently able to quickly match families at this time.

 This program has children with repaired medical needs, unrepaired medical needs, developmental delays, or older healthy children (generally age 10+) available.

Concurrent Family Building Program Options

A family may also consider doing a concurrent family building plan, in which they pursue pregnancy or another adoption while waiting on their China adoption match. Families who are in other country programs may also switch to a different adoption program, however, this does require that a family build a new dossier for that particular country, as regulations for dossiers vary depending on the country. Families interested in any of these options should contact our China Program staff.


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