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IMPORTANT: Proposed Adoption Regulations

Department of State

The Department of State recently proposed new regulations that may significantly impact international adoption. Since 2004, international adoption has declined dramatically (by almost 75%). If the regulations pass, they have the potential to drastically change and further decrease the number of international adoptions, cause some adoption agencies to close leaving families with less options, and potentially lengthen the processing time of adoptions that do take place.

While NCFA supports some of the themes these proposed regulations set out to address, like improved education and high ethical standards, the impact of the proposed rules is worrisome to adoptive families and adoption professionals. Yet, we have an opportunity to ask for change! These rules are proposed and are not yet binding.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov 22nd), is the last day to publicly comment on the Department of State proposed regulations. You can read the proposed regulations here. America World Adoption has publicly posted and we encourage families to let your voice be heard. Please comment today – it only takes a minute or two to let you voice be heard. You can comment here.




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