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Imagine If…

Imagine you are living in a Northern state in the 1850's….you are invited to a dinner to help raise awareness of the suffering of the slaves held in bondage in the South. Do you look the other way or quickly rsvp?

Imagine you are living in America during WWII… are asked come to a fundraiser to help Christian German citizens provide refuge for the persecuted Jews. Do you politely say you give to plenty of other causes and can't make this one?

Currently—RIGHT NOW—there are more than 147 million children orphaned–while we provide abundantly for our own—-
homeless–while we have plenty of rooms unused
starving–while we count calories
sick–while we fight over the finest healthcare in the world
naked–while our closets overflow
enslaved by real oppressors– while we are enslaved by our own schedules

This is the humanitarian crisis of our time! Our generation will be held accountable by God for actions.

You are cordially invited  to a night that will bless you and empower you for the plight of the orphans…….and in the process you will contribute to the freedom of one held in bondage. You will literally be binding up the brokenhearted…proclaiming freedom for the captives…releasing the prisoners from the darkness. Isaiah 61:1


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