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Identities Gained..

Today I spent the day with the best part of giving identities to children. Presenting 2 new birth certificates to 2 children in a private orphanage here in San Salvador! In learning the process of how children receive their identities, we decided to start from the end of the process and work forward to the beginning. Tomorrow I will be traveling with a social worker up into the San Salvador volcano (yes! I said volcano! :)) to do investigative research on some children to see if we can find out who their parents are so that we can create their birth certificates.
The orphanage we visited today was called, Amorey Esperanza, which means Love & Hope in English. It was created and started by a 25 year old young woman from Ohio named Rachel and her Salvadoran husband about 5 years ago. Talk about inspirational and truly humbling!

Here is a picture of one of the two children who received their birth certificates. Rachel is explaining what a birth certificate is and showing her who her mom is. Her name is Joselyn. She was left at an orphanage at 8 months old and this is the 4th orphanage she now lives in. She has many siblings but she is the only one in the orphanage. She said she loves to go to school and hopes to be a doctor one day because she wants to help mothers have their babies. Wow! Now, she may actually get a chance to go to school one day because now, she has an identity and is not forgotten in the system.

The second picture is of 7 children who are currently in the process of having their birth certificates created so they too will now have opportunities: a chance to go to school, for medical care, and the chance for adoption.

I will share more with you tomorrow after our adventure up the volcano! 🙂 Thanks for all your donations to An Orphan’s Ticket Home as this is just 2 examples of how you are making a difference in orphan’s lives. Img_1479


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