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"I Need a Home Study!"

“I Need a Home Study!”

Whether it is international adoption or domestic adoption, neither can happen without the all-important home study. America World has more than 3,500 families in all 50 states who adopted or are in the process of adopting, from China, India, Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Brazil, and other countries. Each family needed a home study as part of their adoption paperwork.

Did you know that America World is licensed in many states to conduct the home study for America World families and anyone who is adopting, regardless of the agency?

Your home study coordinator is a very important part of your adoption process. They will get to know you and your family, and help create a “profile” of your family that will represent you to your adoptive country. We think America World's home study coordinators and Directors of Social Services are the best of the best! They are warm, friendly, personable and care deeply about you, your family and your future child. They are there to help you through the adoption process and prepare you and your family for your new addition. 

Visit our State pages to learn more about the home study in your state, and the Social Services page to meet some of our home study staff! Don't worry, if America World is not licensed in your state to conduct the home study for your America World adoption process.  We have carefully selected partner agencies who will step into that important role, just like they have for many others in your state.

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