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“I Got a Family!” – One of Our Favorite Posts of 2014

So many great stories have been featured on the America World Blog over the past year. Stories of hope, stories of perseverance, and stories of love.

The following story was originally posted in June.  It is the reason America World exists…”to build Christian families according to God's design of adoption.”  Sometimes we get to share in the joy too.

I Got a Family
Last week, a little boy cried and cried as the last child from his orphanage was matched with a family, making him the only one left still waiting. He is the most joyful child our staff has ever met and exudes such genuine kindness. Today, they had the opportunity to bring him to the office and share some good & unexpected news with him.

As the psychologist sat him down, she started speaking in Amharic about the pictures in the folder in her lap. Suddenly, this little boy's jaw dropped, and he pointed to his chest and said, “wait me? mine??” She proceeded to open the folder to show him pictures of his new mommy and daddy. He jumped out of his seat and attacked her with a hug and kept screaming “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

With the most joyful laughter & biggest smile on his face, he ran over to the Transition Home with his hands in the air holding his photos screaming “I got a family! I got a family!!”


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