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"...I Almost Missed This..."

“…I Almost Missed This…”

This week we celebrated another child officially being matched with a forever family. We love to post Letters of Acceptance (LOA) from China because each represents an orphan finally being part of a family.

Check out this amazing reflection from Summer who saw their very own approval announcement a year ago this month! Her son is now home and thriving. 

“This morning I woke up to this…America World Adoption celebrating with the world that my son, Joshua has a family. I'm crying again. If I had not answered the call to go to China, a call that originally got a resounding NO, I am NOT going to China, his picture would not be up today. The truth is there isn't alway someone else to do the work God is calling us to do. Sometimes it's us or not at all. The idea that I almost missed this, that Joshua almost missed his family, brings me to tears. He is MY son and I almost never knew it. But today we celebrate, because someday soon, they will tell him I am coming for him and maybe he will look at the picture I gave him of us together and he will say…I know 

Adoption really is profound–no words can adequately describe it.

If God is calling you to adopt a child—an orphan who wants to BELONG—we would love to help make that happen.

APPLY NOW or PRE-APPLY for free.

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