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How Can You Help the Orphan Crisis?

Dsc_0775_5 Dear Families,

How would you like to partner with God in fulfilling His mandate to care for  orphans? With the recent news of current events in the world,  I can only imagine that many of us go to bed at night and can barely sleep thinking about the millions of orphans in the world who do not have a place to call home or a family to love and wonder what is the solution to this epidemic? 

We, as the body of Christ, who “get it”…who get what adoption is about, realize that adoption could solve the orphan crisis. Just think about it.  If everyone in the church adopted, child trafficking could be eliminated, the abortion problem could be solved, and orphanages would shut down.  So, how do we get the word out? How do we inspire and motivate the church to answer God’s command in James to care for the orphan?

America World Adoption has created a new campaign, which hopefully most of you have heard about by now.  It’s called, “An Orphan’s Ticket Home”.  The goal is not just to bring one orphan home, which is extraordinary, but the ultimate goal and vision is to solve this orphan crisis plaguing our world.  Is this is a big dream?  Are we too lofty to even entertain this notion?  Not at all. We serve a God who holds the world in His hands.  He sees every single orphan at every single minute of their life, of every single day.  He hears their cries and He has called us as the body of Christ to make THE difference!  It is our purpose and the reason He created us.

If you think you would like to join us and ultimately join God in tackling this epidemic, we are asking you to help us in one of two ways.

1.  Personally give extravagantly to our Orphan’s Ticket Home campaign.  You can do so here.

2. Hold a fundraiser at your home or church for an Orphan’s Ticket Home campaign.  We will have everything you need to make this a success in the hopes of raising thousands of dollars to bring more orphans home.   It could be a small intimate gathering in your own home, or a large banquet at a church or venue.  We would just need your help in making the right connections to the right churches, and the right people to invite. If you are interested in helping to coordinate one of these events, please let me know.0875dianjiang

Every day another 5700 children are orphaned.  Please respond to the cry of the orphan as the Lord needs us to be His hands and feet.

Always on my mind,

Amanda Clark – Director of Development


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