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“How Adoption Has Impacted Me” – By Noah Schultz, age 14

Stories can changes lives when they are shared with others.  Below is from Noah Schultz, age 14. Noah's parents, Anthony & Belle Schultz, adopted their daughter, Jace, from Haiti through America World about a year ago.  Noah sent us his story to share with all of you. Thank you for sharing, Noah!

How Adoption Has Impacted Me.

By Noah Schultz, age 14

Jace is amazing. I couldn’t imagine anyone not loving her. She is funny, sweet, and smart too. I love her in my life. Her funny games, her innocence, and her creativity greatly enhance my life. I didn’t know what having her in our family would bring, but now I know it was for the better. She has made our lives richer. Jace has a passion for learning, playing, and takes joy from everything. Everything is new to her, so everything is fun. I love playing with her. As well as reliving my childhood, I get to see her grow and pretend all manner of things. Her favorite is the Mommy-Daddy game. She is going to be a great mom, and she is a mommy in her games. Her dolls are her babies; she cooks, changes, and loves on them. It’s beautiful. It’s been 11 months and 12 days since Jace arrived; yet I can’t imagine a world without her. 


'Everyone has a story. God is the Author of all stories.  

Orphans need their story told…Be A Storyteller.”


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