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Houston needs a forever family!

Our One Orphan Hope Journey teams have been back in the States for a couple of weeks now. But their passion for the children they met has not subsided! Today we are sharing about Houston, just one of the amazing kids they had the opportunity to spend time with. Please help us speak up for Houston today and share his story within your circles of influence.


Houston, nicknamed “Cheeks,” has stolen our hearts. This amazing eleven year old boy is thoughtful and sweet. He is quick to say “thank you” and expressed how glad he was to have spent the day with our team. When on the bus, he would curiously look outside to see everything that we passed by. This thoughtful boy puts others first, from helping his friends off the bus to making sure everyone is staying with the group when traveling outside.  His nannies tell us that he has a great concern for others and likes for everyone to be treated fairly.

Houston has had a recent medical check up and was reported to have good muscle tone and mobility. However, it was noted that Houston does fatigue easily during exercise. Houston also has some difficulty with his vision, but reports show that it has not greatly affected his development. Houston’s caregivers state that his development is similar to other children his age who also live in the orphanage. He is described as polite, friendly and quiet. He has good communication skills and can even recite poems.


Houston attends classes at his orphanage, and his nannies report that he is third in his class. He is quick to learn and follow instructions and has a wide vocabulary of words he can read and write. He had fantastic self-care skills and does not need assistance in dressing, feeding, or showering. He has normal muscle tone, and loves to play ball and run around like any other typical 11 year-old boy! He also enjoys music and loves to sing. Houston really wants to be adopted, and we have heard that although he said he likes all kinds of families, he especially likes mommies with long hair! What a personality this precious boy has!


AS you can see, this boy is full of joy and has the most heart-warming smile. WE know he would bring such joy and happiness to a family as well. Could this sweet boy be your son?

Please help us by sharing Houston's story. We have team members ready and willing to share about him. If you are interested in learning more about Houston, or our China waiting child program, email or fill out a free pre-application on our website.

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