Hope Journey: Advocate for Super Titus
October 17, 2016

Meet "Titus" our featured Hope Journey child of the day. 


Team member Katherine shared the following about Titus:

Titus is a spunky boy who knows what he wants. Titus has been diagnosed with down syndrome. The first day, he led me around the playground to different pieces of equipment and wanted me to use them. When he was ready for me to be done, he let me know and took me to another piece. I heard an emphatic “no” when what I wanted to do was not what he wanted me to do. It was a joy to watch him interact, talk, use sign language, and play with his foster brothers and sister. Not only did they color and play with moon sand together, they had some pretend play with a toy cellphone. One would “take pictures” and then show the others. Titus’s sensitive side came out on the day of the birthday party. There was a butterfly that had died in the courtyard and he found it. The lady who was with him called to me to come tell him that the butterfly was dead and it couldn’t fly anymore. I signed “dead” and “no fly” to him and was on the receiving end of the most pitiful look (who knew American sign language would come in handy in the middle of China?!). He then turned all boy and stomped on it. He was all smiles later in the afternoon when I surprised him around the curve of the slide as he was going down.

This little superhero has captured my heart.



Please help us by sharing TItus' story. We have team members ready and willing to share about Titus. If you are interested in learning more about Titus, or our China waiting child program, email china@awaa.org or fill out a free pre-application on our website.

Important Note: We strongly encourage those interested in this child to inquire with our staff if desiring to review a file. We are currently collecting a large amount of updated information, photos, and video from our teams who are on the ground in China. In order to provide the most accurate representation possible for this child’s condition, abilities, development, and other important information, it is our desire to have all updates obtained and reviewed by our staff before a family be given a child’s file to review. This will aid both a family and any social workers or medical professionals who will review the file. Please email our China team at china@awaa.org to inquire or for more information on your next steps.

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